We got momentum and Bama your next!

Now thats the Florida Gators that I am use to seeing play football! Urban had them boys ready to play and I think that they made a statement telling the nation “DONT COUNT OUT THE GATORS!

God what a great game to go to and we had an amazing crew as well! With kickoff at 7pm we left Saint Augustine at around 1:30pm to get over to Gainesville with plenty of time to tail gate and be able to see the entire Alabama (who I hate) Arkansas game. Which ended up being a great game and thank god Bama won cause that sets up perfect for the Gators to come in and take the W on the road. We went over to the game with Me, Taylor, Mike Monahan, Chelsea, Mark Finlay, and Sam. We had planned to get up with some other friends and watch the Bama game and grill some food, and slug some beers! And that we did! An amazing tail gate was followed by an even more amazing game!

After leaving the tailgate of slamming beers and doing numerous shots of tequila it was time to go watch the Gators whoop up on Kentucky! I was wearing the best shirt I saw all day. It read @$%* Kentuck! And I was ready to get rowdy with the Gator Nation! We were 14 rows up in the south endzone real close to the tunnel where the Gator players enter and exit the field. From the opening kickoff we straight dominated Kentucky on all sides of the ball! Offense, defense, and special teams were owned by the Gators! But true freshman and back QB Trey Burton stole the show running for 5 touch downs and catching a touch down as well! Our defense played lights out once again and returned another pic for a td. They lead the nation with 12 interceptions all year! By the end of the game I had no voice and rightfuly so. I was yelling like always at the top of my lungs the enitre game. Followed by leaving the stadium yelling Orange and Blue and ” I said its great to be Florida Gator!” Why not we murdered them 48 – 14!

After the game it was off to a bar across the street from the stadium. We went to the grog house where for 3 hours after the game its $5 entry but free drinks so we hit that up. The entire time it was yelling and celebrating the victory! The Gators now are 4 – 0 and have a huge game this weekend against number 1 in the country Alabama. In my opinion this is a perfect chance to ruin Alabama’s season. They are coming off and emotional up and down win on the road and we have a ton of momentum ready to kill Alabama! The game is at 8pm Saturday and we will be getting down at my house. We will be having a projection screen with a PA system and a ton of rowdy Gator fans for the game. You can come by at 8 in the morning if you want because I will be getting down then. So if you want to have a great time watching the Gators beat down Alabama come on by! LETS GO GATORS!

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One comment on “We got momentum and Bama your next!
  1. matt g says:

    This is by far the best blog on this site! Finally not just surfing. I love it. Go Gators

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