Its only the first game

If you dont like orange and blue you should stop reading now! My grammar and spelling may not always be correct but its close enough. And I am not sure if I can cuss on this thing so I will not for now and I am going to check on that. My name is Austin Martin and Ive been working here at the Surf Station for about 6 years and have been riding for the shop for about 10 years. I currently live down in Matanzas Inlet. Most people know me as the die hard, crazy, obnoxious Florida Gator fan, and that I am. My dad played high school football at Gainesville High, and then at the University of Florida! So that is where my die hardness comes from. My dad now lives in Mainland Mexico at surf break called Nexpa. A really good left point break. Only about a 2 hour drive from Pasqules. Pasqules is a crazy heavy beach break that can get downright huge. I just got back from a trip down there with my buddy Jacob Praay to go visit my dad. We saw Pasqules get insanley big one day. Easily 25 – 30 foot faces. And the only people out were Bruce Irons, Nathan Fletcher, Todd Morcom, Brian Conley, and a 55 year old guy named Greg Russ who charges. They were all doing step offs off a ski and getting crazy barrels. It was quite a show. There is footage on surfline of Bruce Irons getting a crazy barrel. I made sure to get back to Florida in time for the first Gator game of the season! I was up at 7:30am on Saturday September 4th blasting the Gator fight song and slugging a beer first thing in the morning preparing for the first game of the season! Kickoff was at 12pm vs. Miami OH. Who was not to good at all last year. 1-11 to be exact. I was there and about 10 beers deep and ready to get rowdy in the swamp! We were huge favorites in the game but things didnt go as planned. We still won the game 34-12 but it was not impressive at all. I dont know if it was that we were replacing tons of starters from last year, first game jitters, the heat and humidity, or what. I think if we would not have had 13 mishandled snaps it would of been a completely different game. What was Brantley suppose to do when he and the offense are constantly in 2nd and 20 or 3rd and 25. Thank god for the Gator Defense and Janoris Jenkins who played lights out! But I have faith that urban is gonna be working them in practice all week and will have them ready to come out and play unreal against USF. Actually I know the Gators are gonna kill USF. So if your a USF fan be ready for a beatdown this saturday! Remember me saying this the Gators will win the SEC! Thank god its football season. Life is better when its football season and when there is waves and football it dosent get much better! Ill be updating this thing pretty often. A lot of football and a bit of surfing. But you never know what I could post. So keep checking back. And if your not a Gator fan I dont really care what you do! GO GATORS!

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2 comments on “Its only the first game
  1. Le Doucher says:

    This will def be the best blog on this site. I’m tired of seeing videos and articles Ive already seen on other sites, post something original and people will read it. Except for Jimmy Wilson, hes a FSwho fan with little to cheer for except when the FSwho wins the ACC, which is like winning a date with Cabe Nolan. He is so pitiful and lame, your not even pumped you won. He does have a sweet hair piece though

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