Its officially back

As most of you know and if you didnt im not really sure what you were doing but the NFL season officially kicked off last night. It kicked off with a rematch of the NFC Championship of last year. The Minnesota Vikings took on the defending Super Bowl Champions the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans. Everyone thought it was going to be a high scoring affair but it turned out to be a bit different with a final score of 14 – 9 with the New Orleans Saints coming out on top once again.

Here at the surf station most of the employees and team riders care more about football than they do surfing. I know I am one of them and I am pretty sure I can vouch for most of the surf station fellears on that one. So being we all love football we were sure to do something for the game. I went over to Zander Morton’s house who lives with Ripko and Cabe to watch the game. And when you go over there to watch any type of sporting event you can guarantee 3 things every time: good food, beer, and a good time. If you think Rip can surf or pack a board good you should see the man cook some grub. He fryed a 15lb turkey along with making a country broil consisting of potatoes, corn, shrimp, and some good ole seasoning. Needless to say it was dank!

We had a couple other people join us for the game and feast such as team riders and employees Andrew Gregrioe and Mike Pimental. Along with a couple ladies and Chase and Ropes. Everyone was dialed into the game until the food came out. Then the attention went away from the game and to the food but went directly back to watching the pig skin get tossed around. I will say i picked Brett Favre to come out and sling the rock around and for the Vikings to win the game but that didnt happen. The Viking and the Saints both looked a little rusty but it was the first game of the season. And my fantasy team did not do so well either. For some reason I started the Viking d vs the Saints. Not sure what I was thinking. And AP just didnt do it last night. But somehow Cabe got lucky and Pierre Thomas helped his team out a bit.

This I know will end up being an every weekend thing. Whether its for college or NFL we will be getting down. Not to mention the most important thing, the GATORS play tomorrow at 12:21! So Ill be getting down and watching the GATORS whoop up on USF! God I cant wait! Ready for Brantley to show the nation what the gators are really about this year! I live for this time of year! LETS GO GATORS!

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