A big weekend of football and Gabe makes it to the next round

It was a big weekend last weekend! With tons of great college games on, first full weekend of the NFL and Gabe makin another run at taking a Trestles title!

Saturday was a huge day for me of course because the Gators were playing USF. I actually gave mt 2 tickets away to the game to a friend. The main reason I gave my tickets away is because it was so gosh darn HOT and with the number of beers I would have had you could almost guarantee me to pass from a heat stroke. If you put together me slamming beers, yelling at the top of my lungs, and it being 100 degrees outside that could not of been good. So we got down at my house for the game. Surf Station team rider and employee Mike P. was first to show up then followed by Cabe, ET, Mark, and the Zander and Ripko showed up a bit late. Zander said he was late because he was surfing and there was absolutely no waves on saturday.

The game started out a little scary with shades of last week performance. But once the Gators got that first pick in the second quarter the whole game turned around. And it was all gators from then on! Brantley slung the rock for 2 TDs and Demps looked like the track star he is with 139 yards rushing and a TD! And the defense continued to play light out with 4 picks and one returned for a touch down! Once the game got out of reach for USF mark got a little weird with his dance and chant of ITS GREAT TO BE A FLORIDA GATOR! The video is below. Its on to UT this week and its gonna be our toughest test to this point in the young season. But I know urban will have the boys ready to ruin all the tennessee’s fans dream of beating the Gators. Saturday at 3:30 everybody better be watching!

Sunday its back to good ole NFL. I dont know anyone who wasnt excited about that. Most of my friends went up to the jags game but being how I am not a Jags fan I didnt go. I actually am a Atlanta Falcon fan and its not because I dont like the Jags but when I was growing up there was no Jags so I started following the Falcons. So me and some other buddies made our way up the Oasis for the first week of NFL to watch some action. My falcons were playing the Pittsburg Steelers. Another Surf Station employee, a good buddy of mine Jason Scovs is a die hard Steelers fan so we were battling it out. It was not the most exciting game ever but the Steelers ended up taking the W in OT 15-9. Scovs was amped and kept buying buckets of beers. I know Zander, Cabe, Ross, Gabe, and all the other Jags fans were pumped on taking the win on Sunday. Maybe that is what helped Gabe beat Bobby Martinez in the Trestles contest shortly after the finish of the Jags Game.

On top of a great weekend of football we got to see local boy Gabe kling get through to the next round in the Hurley Pro going on at Trestles. The waves looked fun but inconsistent as well. Gabe was smart and got off to a fast start to get some scores. Bobby on the other hand waited around and nothing came to him. The waves he did get he surf great but the waves were just not up to par on quality as to what Gabe got. So be sure to follow and see how our boy does this week in the contest. You can follow it here http://www.hurley.com/hurleypro/


Mark Dance

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