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Monday Mid-Day by Cody Coleman
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Report Title:
Monday Mid-Day by Cody Coleman
Cody Coleman
Report Of The Day:
Change From Yesterday:
Still strong groundswell
Change From Last Report:
Slightly Smaller, but still solid groundswell
Current Wave Size:
3-4 feet, occ Larger
Surface Conditions:
Surf Station Surf Factor:
7.00 (on a 1-10 scale)
Comments: Extremely Good!!! Advice is to cancel appointments and get out there!!!
6 Hour Forecast:

Offshore winds and still groundswell surf with some head head set waves. The wind may shift north later today and chop it up.

Dean's Long Range Forecast:

Swell Info

Wave Size In Body Height:
Rib to Shoulder High, occasionally larger
Largest Wave:
A few feet overhead on the larger set waves
Surf Is On Increase or Decrease:
a slight decrease
Wind Swell / Ground Swell / Combo:
Swell Direction:
Slight, if any
Swell Interval:
10.8 seconds on the Buoy
Hard To Paddle Out:

Wind Info

Wind Direction, Speed, & Air Temp:
Wind Direction / Speed For Florida:
Local Radar Link:


Today's Tide Data:
Tomorrow's Tide Data:
View Full Year Of Tides:

Temperature, Critters, & More

Water Temperature:
Water Clarity:
baitfish in the water
St. Augustine Weather Station:

Surf Report Comments


7:15 am:   The groundswell from hurricane Joaquin are still holding strong early on this Monday morning.  Waves size is 3-4 feet with some occasional larger set waves.  The wind us offshore W to WSW @ 4-7 knots with the marine forecast calling for the wind to shift N later today.   (See pier data here and real time wind data from 3rd Street here). The East Canaveral Buoy is showing a swell height of 6.9 feet at 11.4 seconds, down from yesterdays 9.2 feet at 10.8 seconds.  You can see the ocean moving early on the SS HD Cam page.

8:25 am:  Early morning photos are in box #1 and the very good/great surf continues as we start out Monday.    Offshore winds with overhead surf.   So many surfers are surfed out so the crowds look lighter this morning at many spots…

9:55 am:   The surf is finally coming out and the surf looks really really good underneath.  Glassy and clean with offshore winds with sizable surf.  Now you can add sunshine to all the above…

12:45 pm:    New photos are up from mid to late morning and you can see there are some awesome waves today. Once again, hurricane Joaquin continues to pump in great groundswell surf.   Some chest high to overhead waves with offshore winds. Check the 62 photos in box #2 and look behind the longboarder in the lead-in slides show photo as there is a shortboarder pulling in behind him : ) 

2:00 pm: We now have another round of photos up & posted in box number 3 from the mid-day surf today by local photographer Cody Coleman.

4:30 pm:   The wind has turned onshore and has increased so the glassy and clean conditions are no more.  Disregard the text data and high surf factor from earlier and go with this note for your surf report update.   It’s choppy and windblown at the beach now as the forecasted wind shift has happened.   You can see the choppiness on the SS HD Cam page.  Yes there are still waves if you want to surf and don’t mind the chop.







From yesterday evening:  

9:00 pm: We now have new photos up and posted in box number 4 of the surf this evening by local photographer Cody Coleman. Very fun surf up until dark, with chest high plus sets and very clean.

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* Monday morning.  See the latest Surf Station Surf Forecast from Dean.

* Buy and sell surfboards direct with other surfers.  Here is the link.

* Did you get some good photos of this great hurricane swell? Are you willing to share?   Send one or more in and we may use them on this website or on one of more of the SS social media pages.   E- mail them to:


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